Cooking up more fun

I have a confession.  I’m not a great cook, and I don’t really enjoy it.  I see a lot of great blogs and recipes on Pinterest, and I wish I was one of those moms who create amazing meals for my family every day.  But that’s not me.

Thankfully, my family doesn’t complain about my lack of culinary greatness.  In fact, they’re very gracious and appreciative about our meals.  But I wish I could wow them every night.  One of my goals since I recently became a stay-at-home mom is to become a better cook.

I decided that I may need some additional/better kitchen tools.  What I have is a mix of things I got when my hubby and I got married almost 18 years ago (and I had no clue what to put on my registry) and hand-me-downs from my mother-in-law when they downsized.  It’s a lot of old and mismatched stuff.

So I went browsing through the store recently and realized that I could make cooking a lot more enjoyable for myself.  I love all the bright new colors and options available!  I’ve added a few new things, like these rainbow-colored measuring spoons.  They’re just more fun to use than my plain old white ones!  

It’s a small thing, but I need all the inspiration I can get for cooking.  I’m looking forward to adding some more fun items to liven up our kitchen and help me beat the cooking blahs! 

What’s your favorite way to make cooking fun?

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2 thoughts on “Cooking up more fun

  1. AvatarKatie @ Pearls + Girls

    Thanks for the follow on Twitter! My favorite way to make cooking and baking fun is to share the experience with someone! My daughter loves to be a ‘chef’, and I love to teach her to measure and mix ingredients! :)

    1. LisaLisa Post author

      Thanks for the follow back! I’m trying to interest my family in cooking and baking, and they’re starting to come around. It’s definitely more fun working together!


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