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It’s a gray, rainy day in my little corner of the world.  The perfect kind of day for some retail therapy.  I’m on a budget, though, so it has to be inexpensive retail therapy.  That calls for Target, right?

I was actually at Target for legitimate household purchases when I took a detour through the kitchen gadget section.  As I posted previously, I’m slowly building a fun, new collection of tools to help inspire me and support my resolution to become a better cook.

Keep Calm Spatula

Nordic Ware spatula from Target

As soon as I saw this Keep Calm and Bake On spatula, I had to have it.  Luckily it was only $3.99.  It’s such a fun addition to my kitchen!

I don’t normally latch onto fads, but for some reason the “keep calm and {whatever}” sayings amuse me.

When I read more about it, I found it interesting that the original 1939 campaign that developed the “keep calm and carry on” slogan to strengthen morale in Britain wasn’t well known.  It seems to be an idea that was ahead of its time – it has definitely captured people’s attention in our time!

Update:  It looks like this spatula was available at Target for a limited time.  It’s no longer available at my local store, and I don’t see it on the Target website.

Amazon has a similar Farberware spatula, along with several other cute Keep Calm and Bake On items, such as aprons, mugs, and shirts.  These are so cute!


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2 thoughts on “Keep calm and shop on

    1. LisaLisa Post author

      I got my spatula several months ago and haven’t looked for it in the store since then, but I can’t find it online. I guess it must have been available for a limited time. Too bad, since it’s so cute!


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