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Rainbow roses - AMerryMom.com

A rainbow of roses for a beautiful bouquet

One thing that always makes me a merry mom is decorating with beautiful flowers.  Inside, outside, everywhere.  I love flowers!

So imagine my excitement when I received this rainbow of roses today!Rainbow rose bouquet from The Bouqs Company - AMerryMom.com

It’s a stunning bouquet.  I smile every time I look at it – and my house smells heavenly!

I’ve been trying to decide where to display them for the greatest enjoyment of both the color and the scent.  No matter where I put them, they become the cheery focal point of the room.

I love that not only are these flowers gorgeous, they also have a cool backstory since they were grown on an active volcano in Ecuador.

Beautiful flowers shipped straight from a volcano? Awesome! Tweet this

Now, before you start to think I have the greatest hubby in the world who sent me this amazing arrangement, they actually arrived courtesy of The Bouqs Company.  OK, my hubby’s pretty great, but I accepted this particular free bouquet – or bouq, as they call it – to review here as part of the Bouqs Ambassador program.

I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of The Bouqs Company before they contacted me a couple of weeks ago.  But when I did some research and read about them, I was happy to participate.

The Bouqs Company stands out in the online flower business by doing things differently to provide the freshest flowers at a great price.  They have eco-friendly, sustainable farms in South America and California that cut your flowers when you order (for fewer wasted stems) and ship them straight from the farm for faster delivery.  According to the company, their flowers arrive within five days after being cut – compared to other companies’ flowers arriving up to 14 days after being cut.

I placed my order online at thebouqs.com on April 9.  The site promised that my flowers would arrive on April 16, and FedEx delivered them right on time.


My Bouqs box of joy

The website also points out that their farms provide living wages, childcare, healthcare and adult education.  That means I can feel good about the social impact when buying flowers from them.

For my review, I picked the rainbow bouq because it seemed perfect for Easter.  As you can see, it is lovely!  It really adds to the beauty of the season.  Rainbow rose bouquet - AMerryMom.com

The colors within the rainbow are very vibrant and less pastel than I expected.  The blue flower is unique, with blue-tinged leaves.  It’s not a typical color for roses, so it’s a fun addition in the arrangement and definitely catches your eye!Rainbow bouquet - AMerryMom.com

My bouq arrived with two extra flowers.  I received 14 stems, rather than the dozen that were promised.  Nice!

I read on their web site that they regularly ship extra stems to ensure their customers get what they paid for, in case of an imperfection.  In my bouquet, there was one stem that was partially broken.  It’s the short orange rose in front.  I cut that stem shorter so the broken part would be fully submerged in the water to keep it fresh as long as possible.  It still looks beautiful, and the extra flowers certainly made up for it.

There are many other beautiful arrangements available on thebouqs.com.  It was hard to narrow down the choices to just one selection!  Oh – and I love the pricing structure.  It’s a flat rate that includes shipping for a hassle-free ordering experience.

These flowers would be a great gift for Mother’s Day.  Because flowers make moms happy!

Disclosure:  I received a free bouquet in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own.
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A great gift – DIY monogrammed candle holders

Over the holidays, I found myself in need of a few last-minute gifts.  Can you relate?

I wanted to give something with a personalized touch, but I was on a budget.  Since most people like candles, I decided on monogrammed candle holders.  It was a fast, easy, and inexpensive project for some cute gifts.Monogrammed candle

I found candles with a light, pleasant scent (fresh linen) at the dollar store, along with the glass holders, making these gifts just $2 each.

I already had the letter stencils, paint sponges, and DecoArt Glamour Dust glitter paint on hand, but those supplies are inexpensive as well.  The glitter paint was about $2 and the letter stencils were $3.99 at Hobby Lobby.  I’ve used them for several craft projects.

Monogrammed candle supplies

For some of the letters, I just held on the stencils with one hand while painting with the other hand.  Other letters had two pieces, like the “D” in the picture below.  I taped those stencils to the glass to keep them in place while I painted the monogram on the candle holders.

Monogrammed candle paint

The glitter paint dries lighter than it looks when wet, so I put on several coats.  You can also put the glitter paint over a similar solid color for a darker result.

The paint dries quickly to the touch, so you can apply multiple coats in a short time, but it requires 24 hours to fully cure.  That makes it easy to fix any “oops” spots as needed before the paint cures. Monogrammed candleThe candle holders were a fun project, and make a great little gift for a neighbor, hostess, teacher, etc.  I liked them so much, I made one for myself, too!

Happy crafting!

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