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Valentine's Day hearts

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Kids

I love making fun memories with our kids.  This year I decided to go bigger with our family Valentine’s Day celebration by starting the fun in the morning before the kids went to school.

I kept seeing cute “heart attack” ideas on Pinterest and decided to go with it.  Last night I cut out lots of hearts from colored copy paper. There were big hearts, medium hearts, and little confetti-sized hearts.

The bigger hearts were for their doorways. I taped them on pieces of yarn to greet the kids when they got up in the morning.  Valentine's Day hearts

The small hearts went on the table alongside individual bags of goodies with some little gifts. Valentine's Day heart attack

For breakfast I baked heart-shaped chocolate chip muffins.  It’s not the healthiest meal before school, but it was a fun way to start the day.

Love Muffins

I bought the silicone muffin cups from a school fundraising catalog a couple of years ago, but Amazon has a similar heart muffin silicone mold baking pan.

Everybody loved their “heart attack” Valentine’s Day morning!

Wishing you a great Valentine’s Day as well!  How do you celebrate with your kids?

Craft a simple Valentine’s Day wreath

How much do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Normally I don’t do much more than put out a heart-shaped candy bowl and stuff it full of chocolate.  But as my kids get older, I find myself always aware that we have a limited number of each occasion to celebrate with them before they’re grown.

With that in mind, this year I’m making it a point to celebrate each holiday with gusto.  That means it’s time to get crafty with the decorations.DIY yarn Valentine's Day wreath

My simple Valentine’s Day wreath was a snap to make – and it cost just $13.50 for the materials.  I spent $5 on a 16″ foam wreath form, $3 on the red yarn, $3 for the package of three rattan hearts, and $2.50 on the monogram letter.  The white yarn and ribbon for the bow were leftovers from another project.

I wrapped the yarn around the wreath form one evening while watching TV.  It took about half an hour to wrap it.  The next day I decided to use some leftover white yarn from another project to add a little more color.

The white stripes gave me a spot to attach the monogram letter and add the heart banner.  I had another white stripe at the top, but then decided to cover it with the ribbon to hang the wreath.

This wreath was so simple to make!  It adds a cheery seasonal welcome to the front door.  After Valentine’s Day, I think I’ll remove the hearts, add some felt flowers, and keep it up until spring.