Tips for entertaining kids during road trips

With the holiday season coming up, many of us have travel plans.  Traveling with kids can be fun.  It can also be stressful at times.  Planning ahead is key.

When road tripping with kids, I make sure the vehicle is stocked well for the road. Having the necessities on hand always makes the trip go better.

So then how do you fill the time during the drive?

This infographic, reprinted with permission from Wooden Toy Shop, has many tips for entertaining kids during road trips. It’s a helpful tool for planning ahead to keep kids happy with food and games during long drives.

These activities entertain as well as develop important skills while traveling.

Keeping Kids Entertained on Long Car Journeys
This infographic, Keeping Kids Entertained on Long Car Journeys by Wooden Toy Shop, is reprinted with permission.

Looking for more ideas for traveling and entertaining kids during road trips? Check out my travel board on Pinterest!

Light up fall: AYL TC80 LED flashlight review

Fall activities often call for a flashlight.  Whether it’s visiting a corn maze after dark, trick-or-treating on Halloween, or just dealing with the time change and earlier sunsets, a flashlight is handy during autumn.

This fall I was happy to have the chance to review a 4-in-1 multi-function LED flashlight, the AYL TC80 flashlight (available at  I received the flashlight for free to facilitate my honest review.

When I opened the box, I was impressed with the solid construction of this flashlight.  It costs less than $15 on Amazon, but it’s a quality flashlight made with solid, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum.

AYL TC80 LED flashlight

The AYL TC80 LED flashlight is a compact model with a telescoping handle that slides out for more light options.

The flashlight requires four AAA batteries.  I was glad that it takes a smaller battery instead of a big C or D size battery, which I never seem to have on hand.  I’ve learned to always have AAA batteries, so the flashlight was ready to go quickly.  You simply unscrew the end magnet and the battery cover to install the batteries.

The flashlight features a bright LED light in front, and the handle telescopes out to reveal a dual white LED and red blinking LED light on one side along the body.  A single power button toggles through each light option.  I like that the power button is blue so stands out against the black body of the flashlight.  You can twist the front end of the flashlight to adjust the front beam focus from narrow to wide illumination.

A magnet on the back end can make this flashlight hands-free.  I appreciate the usefulness of that feature.  I tested the magnet’s hold on the side of a metal filing cabinet, and it attached well.

AYL TC80 LED flashlight

The AYL TC80 LED flashlight in hands-free mode with the end magnet attached to a metal filing cabinet. This photo shows the center red flashing LED in use.

I was impressed with the overall usefulness of this flashlight.  It’s handy for everyday use, such as those fall activities I mentioned above.  The features also make it great to have on hand in case of an emergency.

Between the water resistance, the hands-free magnet, and the bright illumination, this flashlight would be very useful in an emergency situation.  It will be an ideal addition to my travel necessities in the car.

Disclosure: I received the AYL TC80 4-in-1 multi-function LED flashlight for free to facilitate my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Mom Conference 2016 is coming soon – join for free!

Motherhood has moments of pure delight.  And other moments that are hard.  Sometimes we just get through the tough stuff the best we can.

But have you ever wished for some help for becoming the mom you REALLY want to be?  The Mom Conference was designed for just that purpose!

Mom Conference 2016It’s a FREE online event on October 11-13, 2016 that features 20 speakers sharing invaluable information on parenting and self-development.  They cover helpful strategies for everything from sibling rivalry to healthy eating to finding more joy in motherhood.

Sounds great, right?

You can join over 100,000 moms around the world and learn new insights for motherhood.  Best of all, you can attend for free from the comfort of your own home!

Just click here to go to the Mom Conference site to register:  The Mom Conference 2016.
(This is an affiliate link, but you can register and attend the conference totally free.  I get a small commission only if you purchase something from the Mom Conference site.)

If you register now, you’ll have access to FREE GIFTS as soon as your registration has been completed!  You get a free Audio Story and Family Discussion Guide to help you teach your children about honesty in a really fun way.  And you get a free 7-Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan and Shopping List.

Mom Conference 2016 sessions

The Mom Conference 2016 features some great sessions!

  • Understand and manage your children’s emotions (and your own!)
  • Help your children to embrace healthy foods while teaching them to cook
  • Raise grateful children and avoid the entitlement epidemic going on these days
  • Manage your children’s cell phone use and screen time (such a tricky and important subject!)
  • Take better care of your body, mind and soul (yes, YOU need to be cared for along with your children!)
  • Develop and stick to a budget that really works
  • Nurture your marriage
  • Teach your children – babies through teens – the values and character traits that will help them be successful and happy
  • Get that house clean and keep it that way (in a fun way!)
  • Find more joy in motherhood

Mom Conference 2016 speakers

The free sessions are presented by some accomplished speakers.

  • Dr Laura Markham, Clinical Psychologist, bestselling author and discipline expert at Aha Parenting (Helping Kids – and Yourself – Manage Emotions)
  • Katie Kimball, expert on healthy eating for families and founder of Kitchen Stewardship (Want Responsible and Healthy Kids? Teach Them to Cook and Eat Real Food)
  • Ruth Soukup, NYT Bestselling Author and Founder of Living Well, Spending Less (Decluttering your Home, Mind and Soul)
  • Ramona Zabriski, Founder of Wife for Life University (How to be a Wife for Life)
  • Amy McCready, parenting expert, TODAY Show Contributor, author and creator of Positive Parenting Solutions (Raising Motivated and Grateful Children During this Me, Me, Me Epidemic)
  • Jesse Mecham, Founder of You Need a Budget (Budgeting Made Simple)
  • Dina Alexander, Founder of Educate and Empower Kids (How to Talk to your Children about Sex)
  • Richard and Linda Eyre, NYT #1 Bestselling authors who run Valuesparenting (Simple and Powerful Ways to Teach Children Values)
  • Marla Cilley (a.k.a. the Fly Lady), author, home organization and cleaning mentor, founder of (Cleaning in a Fun Way)
  • Shawni Pothier, founder of the popular mom-blog, 71 Toes (Managing Kids’ Cell Phone and Screen Time – Without Making Them Hate You)
  • April and Eric Perry, life architecture experts and founders of Learn-Do-Become (Building the Life and Future you Really Want)
  • Saren Eyre Loosli, family organization expert and co-founder of Power of Moms (The Three Basic Systems Every Family Needs)

Ready to register?  Just click here to go to the Mom Conference site for free registrationThe Mom Conference 2016.

This post contains affiliate links, but you can register and attend the conference totally free.
I get a small commission only if you purchase something from the Mom Conference site.
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